Friday, February 26, 2010

The Power Of A Vision Board

Why not create a Vision Board?
What is it? A dream or vision board is a way of creating a visual representation of a goal(s).  It gives you something tangible to focus on.  This can help you strive towards it.
Why is it important? When working towards a goal, it is really important to have something to visualize.  A dream board makes your dreams and goals physically present.  Looking at your dream board every day will build more energy towards those goals.  You will enforce your desires and arrange your priorities.  Whether your dream is of financial freedom, your dream home, dream car, your dream vacation, spiritual growth, or getting to the next level in your business it belongs on the board where you will see it everyday and envision yourself having already achieved it and living out that dream!
How to create a dream board? Purchase a bulletin board, magnetic board or poster board.  Personally, my dream board is a bulletin board.  It makes it easy to add and remove images as I accomplish them.
1. First, take a moment and reflect on your goals.  Think of all aspects of your life such as health, spiritual, family, fitness, travel, career, and financial.    2.  Collect an assortment of magazines covering different topics.  You could also use personal photos of things that are important to you and the core reason you have dreams.    3.  Cut out specific images that appeal to you visually and apply to your dreams and goals.   4.  Look for keywords that apply too.  Words that describe your wants, thoughts and beliefs.  Paste or pin all of these on your dream board.
Make your board appealing visually!  Use bright colors and vivid images.  Then be sure to hang it somewhere that you can see it daily and often.  Look at it for at least 5 minutes twice a day and imagine yourself leading the life you see in those pictures!
This is an awesome project to do with your children!  Let them imagine who they want to be.  Is it to be a doctor or a star soccer player?  Encourage them to use positive words and pictures to boost self-esteem.  Then they can hang it in their room and look at it everyday!

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