Friday, October 31, 2014

Are you working your business like the way you play Monopoly?

Most people, when they sit down to play Monopoly let's say, are just looking to have some fun.  While others play the game focused on only one thing -winning.

Two different people, playing the same game, with a different perspective and a very different goal in mind.  The person who is there to win, will play that game very strategically, where the person who is looking to have some fun is just there to pass the time.

Same is true in business isn't it?  Some of us are determined to win and use a winning strategy while others seem to just want to have fun and pass some time.   So ask yourself, "Am I here to win or just pass the time?"

If you are building your business to "win the game" then strategy is how you will do it,  You will need to assess every situation and think competitively.  You will need to out think your opponent or competitor and outplay them as well.  Good sportsmanship is a must and winning is the only option.  Top performers are competitive people and they love what they do AND they think strategically.  As a result, their business and its results take on a whole new level of achievement.

Now keep in mind, rules and strategy are two different things.  Rules are (how you play) and strategy is (how you win).  Rules are to be lived by but they are not necessarily going to show you how to make money. They are about conduct.  But strategy is your game plan.  It is the way to develop the winning outcome.

So what is your business strategy?
How will you stand apart from your competitors?
What are the numbers you need to hit in order to meet your goals?
And do you have a coach to help you get there?

If you are here to win, don't apologize for it or make excuses about it either.  Play hard and press on.   Don't let anyone convince you to play any differently.  Winning teams expect that every player is there to play, bringing their best so the team can score and ultimately win the game.

When you go to work every day to build your business your focus should be to give and gain the most you can.  And your attitude should be no different than when you sit down to play that game.  If it is important for you to want to win at Monopoly then you should not play your business any other

Monday, October 20, 2014

Conquer your fears, otherwise your fears will conquer you.

I was inspired to write this blog because of my lunch special the other day.  It was chicken and broccoli with brown rice.  My usual.  However, this time I decided to eat the fortune cookie, something I don't usually do.  And in this fortune cookie I found the following message.

What a great message and so profound (like most fortunes are in most cookies, right?)  I thought it was a very appropriate message for a coach and the universe must have chosen it especially for me.

And when I came into the office this morning, there was that little slip of paper right by my phone telling me again to conquer my fears.  (I think it was also telling me to call that one person I have been wanting to get an appointment with but was too afraid to call! Until now)

As a business coach, I talk about fear all the time and how it limits us.  It is so intriguing to me that most of us allow this emotion to take such control over our lives and we let it determine our outcomes.  We create reasons and conditions for why we can't do something rather than creating winning outcomes in our mind and allowing that to inspire us.

Are you letting fear rule some part of your life?  
What are these fears that hold you back?  
Why do we allow those fears to stop us from being who we were created to be?

One thing I know for sure, we become what we believe.  Our beliefs become the rules we live by and our thoughts and actions are shaped by those beliefs.  Therefore, the stories we tell ourselves are literally shaping our life and our world around us.  

I also know, those stories will make or break you.  They will push you forward or hold you back. These stories we tell ourselves can create paralyzing fear, and we all know what fear really is don't we?  


So,if we know on some conscious level that most of our fears are unfounded why do we entertain them as thoughts and emotions?  I mean, if we know that most of the things we fear are not real, why do we still hold ourselves back from doing the very things that will push us forward?  

Another thing I know for sure, is that we can overcome our fears and actually embrace and face them anytime we decide to do it.  And it all starts with a decision.  A decision to no longer live feeling oppressed by our own thoughts. 

It is time to live the life of your dreams rather than the life of your fears.  It begins by creating a different story, by telling yourself a different story.  Replace the thoughts that dis-empower you with unlimited thinking.  And in order to do that you will have to step outside of those limiting beliefs.  That new story will paint a different picture for you.  That new story will allow you to tell yourself something very different than what has been holding you back.  

And I am not talking about analyzing the fear or where it comes from.  This might take too long and often times the more time you spend analyzing the fear and why you have it -  the more power you are giving to the fears themselves.  Because what we focus on expands.  

Rather, spend your time working on overcoming the fear.  And this might not be something you can do alone.  You might need to talk about it with your coach, mentor or accountability partner because overcoming your fear(s) will require some new strategy.  And in order to have that breakthrough you will need a plan and a better story so you can accept the better plan and the ability to develop a more positive belief system.