Friday, May 10, 2013

Power your thinking with a bigger why

One thing all high achievers have in common is they are working for a "big why".  The big why is about having purpose, a mission or a need, that in turn gives you focus.  The big why is the fuel that powers your actions.  It’s your motivation!

Keep in mind a big why brings BIG focus and BIG energy the same way a little why brings little focus and little energy. 

Now imagine if you could live every day with such purpose.  How far could you really go?  Think about what motivates you.  Here's a quick exercise:  Grab a pad of sticky notes and ask yourself that question, What motivates me?   Then write down one motivating factor on a sticky note.  Only 1 thought per sticky note.  Think about all the aspects of your life and all of the reasons why you want to accomplish your goals.  Think about what your goals are and why they are your goals, why are they important to you?

Now take those notes and arrange them in front of you.  Move them around according to their level of importance to you.  What comes first, that would be your BIGGEST WHY.  What matters most?  Then list the others in their order of importance.  What is dependent on the other?  Really get in touch with what motivates you.  Is it connecting with people?  Is it the challenge of closing a deal?  Is it to empower someone to purchase their dream home?  To discover solutions?  To develop successful habits?  to make a difference in someone life? 

Now take the sticky note that says Money or Financial Stability or Independence and put it at the bottom of the list.  

At the bottom of the list?  

Yes, imagine just for a minute that money was at the end of the list.  Still important but at the end of the list.  That new order to things would take the emphasis off of making money and would put the emphasis to something else.  How would that change things?  How would that make you feel?

See, business goals should be part of a larger personal strategy designed to push you and help you to grow.   What would your business look like if you worked less for money and more for the pursuit of personal growth and the ability to be and do your absolute best?   The answer might actually surprise you.  Overtime, you might find yourself less stressed and probably wealthier! 

Now that’s not to say that money is not important.  But if you focus on just the amount of money you will earn each time you work with a client, you may just be holding yourself back.  You can achieve your financial goals faster than you think by putting every other WHY first on the list.

Working every day to be your best, means that you will automatically be making the most money you can make.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Make room for more clients

It is undeniably true that lead generation and prospecting should be your #1 priority.  The business that you are servicing right now should never take precedence over creating and finding new business.  And in your quest for new business, who do you want to work with?  Who do you want to attract?  

Do you have enough people to work with?  Do you create a compelling and genuine marketing message that helps you to attract the people you most want to work with?  Are you working with the people you want to work with most?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, it's time to ask yourself why?  Why don't you have enough of the business you want most?  If I had to guess, I would say:

  • You are not exactly sure who you want to do business with
  • Your message is not clear
  • You are not positioning yourself as the solution to their problem
  • You are not standing out enough
  • You are not asking for business enough
  • When speaking with prospects show conviction in your abilities, skills and talents
  • Be more compelling in your conversations to show your knowledge, experience and potential
  • Engage more in public opportunities for networking and relationship building.  
  • The more meaningful conversations you have the easier it will be for like minded individuals to find you and refer business to you.
  • Create a marketing system that is consistent, reliable and systematic
  • Create clear marketing messages that inform and inspire people to want to work with you

Be clear in your marketing efforts and keep it simple.  When you are feeling overwhelmed and confused you become inactive and that will show up in your marketing leading to inaction or confusion in your potential clients.  Confused clients never buy or agree to move ahead.  

All of this may not be your fault.  Most real estate agents are not taught how to market themselves effectively.  Now it may not be your fault but it is your problem or challenge.  Who can help you or coach you to be a more effective marketer?

Personally, I love marketing.  It has solved many problems for me as an entrepreneur over the years.  Marketing is a vehicle to design a business worth owning.  Powerful and effective marketing can absolutely change your life.  If you had enough leads that converted into enough clients to work with, how many would you have?  How would your business grow?  How much money would you earn?  How many dreams would you fulfill for yourself and others?   What's stopping you?