Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ask And You Shall Recieve

“Ask and you shall receive.”
Heard that one a lot?  I bet you’ve even said it to someone else.  But do you believe it?  Do you make a habit of asking for what you need?
“Ask and you shall receive”.  Period.  Believe in the power of that statement. 
It doesn’t say, “Ask and I will think about it.” 
Don’t be afraid to ask.  If you are not moving closer to your goals and your visions for your business (or your life) you are probably not asking enough!
The universe responds to those who ask.  Asking for something you need does not in any way imply weakness, on the contrary, the person who has the confidence to ask for what they need is claiming the power to design their own life.
I am a Business Coach.  I work with people every day to help them achieve their professional goals.  Most of my clients are sales people and or entrepeneurs.  Asking and being clear about what you need always becomes a big part of the Coaching process because it is so crucial to leading a successful business.
If you ask other successful people how they got to the top, I am sure every one of them will tell you they were clear on what they wanted.  And they asked questions, they asked for help, they asked for leads, they asked for referrals, they asked for business …. do you see the pattern here?
When you ask questions, you gather information.  Information will reveal the next step.  Information will build rapport.  Information will build your confidence.  Information will lead to referrals and information will build your business.
I believe that most salespeople are not good at asking!  Crazy as it sounds.  I bet that almost 75% of the time salespeople fail to ask for the order.  Even after they give a killer presentation, they fall short of the firm close.  Asking for the order or the appointment or the contract or the booking … Do you see how not being a consistent “Asker” could put you out of business. 
I wonder how many people are afraid to ask?  What are you afraid of?  Oh right!  The answer!  Possible rejection?  I know we don’t like to hear no.  But I have to tell you - Get over it!  No’s are possible and it’s ok!  I gather information and research all the time – I have not discovered any evidence of death resulting from being told no! 
If you are afraid to ask, perhaps you are too attached to the outcome.  I realize you might be wondering if you will hear no, and probably really hoping to hear yes but are you also worrying about what the other person is thinking?  Thinking of you perhaps?  Well don’t.  Unless you’re a mind reader, it doesn’t matter because most assumptions are wrong anyway!  Have confidence in yourself, your ability, your product or service and that is all that matters.
You can boost your business and put a lift in your life by learning to ask for what you need.  So focus on asking for information.  When you ask a potential client the right questions and gather information you begin to qualify them.  You are learning more about the potential client and that gives you an advantage.  It allows you to show the client how you will serve them better.  
When you truly appreciate and understand the other person’s needs than you can offer the solution.  Makes a lot of sense in business doesn’t it? 
Now apply that to your personal relationships.  Wow.  What would your relationships look like if you were confident to ask not only for what you need but also ask the other person how you could help them!  The information you gather from each other by asking could build a more strong and loving and mutally respectful marriage or friendship.  You can enrich your life and the lives of others around you.
So be clear when you ask.  Because remember, “Ask and you shall receive.”  So be precise.  Think cleary about your request.  Have an open mind when it comes to waiting for the response. 
Asking may require practice.  That’s ok.  The more you ask the better you will be at it.  How amazing would your life look if you could become really good at asking for what you need?

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