Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It’s Your Time to Shine!

Be a Shining Star in Your Own Business
Focus your time and energy in the right areas and you will see huge results.  I believe there are 4 probabilities that will lead to greater success in sales:
                           Knowledge        Skills         Attitude      Activities
Knowledge – Personal development is so important to your success.  Your formal education might help you make a living, but your personal education could help you make a fortune.   Invest in yourself!  Attend meetings, talk to other successful salespeople, read books & magazines geared toward sales & entrepreneurship.  Take advantage of the training & support provided by your company.  Seek outside coaching and training as well.   All of these resources are great ways to grow from the inside out.  Knowledge leads to confidence.  Confidence leads to more successful transactions.
 Skills – The sales skills you have can increase your focus & motivation.  You can learn through your own experiences to gain skill, however it might take a long time!  Learn as much as you can from others who do what you do.  Seek out the top performers and the consistent sales people to learn from.  You will find them more than willing to share.  But practice makes perfect!  You need to “work” at those sales skills too.  Utilize scripts to develop a better language of sales, overcome objections and close more effectively.  
Attitude - Your thoughts become things.  Your current thoughts are creating your future  life. Your beliefs become your thoughts & your thoughts control your actions.    A belief – The nightly news nor the economy dictates my success”.   A thought from that belief – “My business will thrive this year because I want to be more successful.”  What will the actions or activities be that result from that thought?          
 After attitude & belief, success in sales is all about your ability to be consistent.   Being consistent in your effort, use of resources & your level of commitment to your goals is what will change your odds. 
Activities -  A business requires many activities to make it work.  But here are some things to consider when it comes to activity.  First of all, I believe that  multi-tasking is a MYTH!  Studies have shown that your mind can only do one thing well at a time!   And some of the activities we find ourselves juggling in the name of multi-tasking are non-essential to the overall growth of our business.  Structure your work days by blocking time to complete specific activities that will move you closer to your goals,  Be aware of getting involved in activities that are just time fillers. 
Perhaps you want to take a personal inventory of how you spend your time.  For two or three days, keep a diary of your day.  Just write down how you spent your day and how long it took to complete those activities.  You will see in black and white how you spend your time.    Ask yourself to honestly answer the question, “How much time is devoted to activities that will grow my business each day?”   
Focus your time on activities that will make generate new leads for your business and ultimately will make you money!   
Prospecting for new clients must be your #1 priority everyday.   It’s how you support your business & it’s growth.  Without a constant flow of leads where will your new business come from?  
Prospecting is part of sales!  It leads to referrals and it can be a lot of fun!  Look for new ways to prospect.  Where can you advertise & network for       your business other than waiting for referrals?  
“I want to become great at creating customers!”
You will always have a thriving business if you are committed to creating a big customer base.  Create opportunities to meet new people.  Stay in touch with past clients.  Don’t be afraid to ask for business!  Then ask for a referral too!  This is the most important way to grow any business.  It’s also the fastest way to get to your next commission check.  People won’t know about your business until you tell them! 
Here are a few things to keep in mind as you work on shining a little brighter:
Setting goals increases the balance in your checkbook!  
Momentum is how a business stays alive.  
Don’t fool yourself into thinking you have enough business or enough leads – ever!    
Be passionate about what you do.
Treat others with respect and honesty.  Allow your integrity, personality and professionalism to come through in everything you do.
Be clear and specific about what you want. 
Set goals that will allow you to reach a little. 
Believe in yourself as much as others do!

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