Sunday, June 6, 2010

Above the Line

Friction is defined as the force that resists motion between two parts or bodies.  What is currently causing friction in your life?  What are you tolerating?Is it a bad relationship?  Is it poor health?  Is it Debt?  Is it a floundering business?  Is it poor choices that lead to bad habits that limit your success?
Stop creating friction in your life.  These circumstances are a result of choices you have made or failed to make.  Therefore they can be changed.  Don’t convince yourself that it’s just part of life.  Begin living and working above the line of tolerance.
I read a statistic recently that made me sit up and really pay attention.  The article I was reading said,  94% of people don’t succeed.  And only 20% of people actually set goals for themselves and their business.
Now I understand why so many of us look at top performers, successful business people, olympic athletes and put them on such a high, unobtainable pedestal.  We have convinced ourselves that they can do something that we can’t.  As a society we belive that low levels of performance are really just average.  We live with things and accept systems that are really broken.  We convince ourselves it’s a lifestyle choice to tolerate messy and unorganized environments.  And we accept and often model our own behavior after poor leadership or inadequacy.  Sadly, we are living unconsciously.
Well I say it’s time to wake up!  Wake up and live the life that was so generously given to you.  What would your life look like if nothing were holding you back?
Believe and understand that you are programmed to succeed.  You just need to unroll the blue print and follow it for success and prosperity to enter your life.  Take 100% responsibility for your responses to the events in your life, that is what will determine your outcome each and every time.
Excuses will not get you the results you desire, but a change in mindset and behavior will.  The mind that created the problem is rarely the mind that will solve the problem.  So make a conscious effort each and every day to determine what it is you want and don’t want in your life and in your career.  Make “I will” goals not “I should” goals.  Stop making excuses for why things are the way they are in your life.  Put energy into everything you do, that will create momentum and carry you closer to your goals.
The biggest investment you can ever make is in YOU!  So make the commitment to yourself, to always get better and be better.  Life is moving fast, so try to keep up!

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