Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's not business as usual.

Right now, during these times it is not really “Business as usual”.  It is more about staying flexible during change.  Easier said than done, right?  Not really.  As long as you have the right mindset!
What you think of yourself will always be true.  Now more than ever to survive in business you must think of yourself as stretchable, expandable and able to adapt to anything new.   Who wants to view themselves as static, inflexible and unable to adapt anyway?  Periods of change can be unpredictable as the recent economic events of the last 18 months has shown us.  I’m sure you have found yourself needing to learn to adapt to changes that you were not able to anticipate. 
Some of the things you have always done may not work for you today.  In order to stay flexible and thrive rather than just survive in your business, try to follow these new ideas and guidelines:
1.  Establish more short-term goals.  While I always think it’s important to establish big goals, I think now is the time to “chunk it down” and learn to establish more short-term goals in shorter time spans to help you better accomplish the long-term goal(s).  In changing times it’s best not to think too far ahead of yourself.   Focus on goals and tasks that can be accomplished in the immediate future.   That way you can achieve measurable and attainable results, instead of abandoning your mission because of ever-changing circumstances. 
2.  Work when you feel inspired.  Learn to get more done when you feel that burst of energy, inspiration and creativity.  I have heard this referred to as the “blitz mentality” .  Complete tasks with intense periods of creative output that produce concrete results.  That way we have measurable outcomes that motivate and inspire us to continue our work and, in the process, better embrace change.
3.  Focus on team efforts.  You know the saying.  There is strength in numbers.  Well this may be true when working on your business.  Seek out others who have similar goals and aspirations.  Talk to those who seem to be thriving and doing well today.  Working with others in a Mastermind group or coaching group can provide you with support and motivation to move you closer to your goals.  
4.  Plan for change.  The most important strategy for staying flexible during change is to prepare for it!  If you understand that change happens and you create a plan for each possible circumstance, you might be more  prepared to engage change in any way that might affect your business.  This gives you more flexibility, greater confidence, and makes you more likely to be successful.

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