Friday, May 11, 2012

10 Simple Ways to Get to the Next Level

We all want to "get to the next level".  I believe humans have an innate desire to constantly grow and improve ourselves and our situations.  It is why we are alive.  So here are 10 simple ways to help you create a plan and focus on personal growth.


1. Commit to life long learning – People who have more information have a tremendous advantage over people who don’t!  And though you might think it takes years to acquire the knowledge you would need to become super-successful, the truth is that simple behaviors like reading for an hour a day, turning TV time into learning time & attending classes & training programs can make it surprisingly easy to increase your knowledge – and your level of success.

2.  Stay motivated with the Masters – Listen to audio, read books and attend trainings delivered by people who have done it; people who are inspiring and successful.  Learn from the best!

3.  Find ways to maintain your passion and encourage your enthusiasm everyday.

4.  Learn to control your time and re-define it.  Prepare and plan for great results.

5.  Stop majoring in the minors!  Instead of dedicating yourself – and your time – to mundane, non-productive, time stealing activities – focus on the 20% of activity that will bring you the best benefit.

6.  Write it down! – Seeing your plans and your options in writing will help crystallize your thinking and determine what questions to ask, what information to gather, what your plan of attack might be, etc.

7.  Coaching- You would never expect an athlete to reach the Olympics without a coach.  Of all the things successful people do to accelerate their trip down the path to success, participating in some kind of coaching program is at the top of the list. A coach will help you clarify your vision & goals, support you through your fears, keep you focused, confront your unconscious behaviors & old patterns, expect you to do your best, help you live by your values and show you how to earn more by working less.

8. Attend a Mastermind Group- New thoughts, new people, new resources

9. Show Appreciation – Appreciation is a secret to success.  When you are in a state of appreciation you are in one of the highest vibrational (emotional) states possible.  When you are in a state of appreciation & gratitude, you are in a state of abundance.  Your focus is on what you have received, and you always get more of what you focus on.

10. Be a "Class Act" – Develop Class Act behavior.  Live by your highest standards.  Increase the quality of every experience through your conscious thinking and actions.  Learn to take responsibility for actions and results.

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