Friday, May 18, 2012

Six Really Simple Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Of course we all want to be productive, however there are times when we find ourselves overwhelmed.  And then we find ourselves procrastinating and wasting our time without intention.   You know as well as anybody, that a lack of productivity over time will have a negative effect on your business and its success.  So what to do about it?  Well there are lots of ways to boost your productivity, but here's 6 quick tips!

6 Ways to Boost Your Productivity:

1- Be 100% focused:  Truly productive people become 100% focused on the task they are doing.  When they attempt to complete a task during the time blocked for that task; they put away their mobile phones, they don’t check their email or Facebook and they stay committed to the task at hand until they are done.  

2- Develop courage: Sounds like a weird advice, right? Actually it was discovered that procrastination is sometimes your mind’s method to help you escape from the tasks you fear to do or from the fear of failure.

3- Don’t wait for the right mood: While I wish you happiness everyday still this is not how life works. One day you might find yourself sad, the second day you might find yourself irritated while the third day you might find yourself not in the mood. Waiting for the right mood can kill productivity.  You have a business to build so get to it!

4- Don’t wait for the right time: Sometimes waiting for the right time becomes the excuse we use to escape from responsibilities and the tasks that we don’t like. Just like waiting for the right mood will slow down your productivity waiting for the right time will never help you get your tasks done. Start right now!

5- Know exactly what you should do:  In order to become very productive start by developing a daily to-do list for the tasks you must do.  A common reason for procrastination is often not knowing exactly where to start.  

6- Are you motivated enough? Productivity needs motivation.  If you aren’t motivated enough you won’t feel like working and productivity will have no meaning. Understand the reasons behind your lack of motivation and treat them in order to become truly productive.

Anna Gibbs is a certified Business Coach and a Certified Life Coach dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and sales professionals who are looking to bridge a gap in their performance and achieve greater results in order to grow their business through more effective systems and behaviors.  For more information about Anna Gibbs and her coaching services please visit

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