Thursday, May 17, 2012

Have a better day

Below is a list of  simple ways to have a better day, today!   Why is this important to you and your business?  Because positive people are more successful, productive and profitable.  Period.    

We all have a positive and negative side to us.  It's part of our human nature. The key is to feed your mind with more positive thoughts so the negative side starts to starve.   The more we think and feel positive; the more positive we become and the stronger those feelings become.  The actions are simple.  We just need to make them a habit and do them every day. 

Here are a few ways to make that happen:

1. Practice Gratitude - You can't be stressed and thankful at the same time. Gratitude is like muscle, the more you exercise it the stronger it gets.  Take some time every night and write down those 5 things that happened today that you are thankful for.  

2. Turn off the News - it is just too negative!

3. Smile More - It will make you feel happy for no reason,. and besides it's contagious.  

4. Read uplifting books or devotionals

5. Take a look at who you spend time with.  Get together with more positive, uplifting people.

6. Write a few Thank You Notes  - We have already talked about how expressing gratitude will make you feel and writing a hank you note is also good for business.  Imagine how your relationships will develop if you could send out a note to say thank you for your business, thank you for the referral, thank you for your time, etc.

7. Be a Coach - Coaches bring out the best in others. The best coaches mentor, encourage, praise, inspire, and lead with optimism and positivity.  Today, feed others and yourself with positivity by being a coach.

8. Decide to Make a Difference - When you help other people with their problems you forget about your own.

What strategy will you start today to feed your positive self?

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